Simplify Your Worries

We tend to suffer about our past or future more than we do about the present. Regrets and guilt about our past accumulate, become overwhelming, and depression follows. And when worries and fear about the future take over, anxiety sets in.

Feeling Guilty for Needing Help?


It’s not easy to say you need something, even when that something has to do with your own happiness and well-being. And it’s also a sign of strength and courage to want to go beyond your own personal limitations through reaching out for support and growth.


Big Mind and Psychotherapy

The Big Mind process was developed by American Zen Master Dennis Genpo Merzel Roshi. Genpo Roshi taught traditional zen for 30 years and studied Gestalt and Jungian psychology before he found a way, in the late nineties, to bring realization and awakening beyond the zen community.

Stop And Smell The Roses - The Gift of Gratitude

Gratitude for our abilities, privileges, good gestures by others, or just for everyday's little moments of joy can be a quick and effective way to lift our mood. Furthermore, if practiced regularly, gratitude may also impact our long-term perception of our own happiness.


What To Expect At Your First Time To Psychotherapy

The first couple of psychotherapy sessions are especially important for you. The rapport you develop with your psychotherapist determines, not only if you will return for another session, but also if you will continue seeking therapy at all.


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